Body language that's attractive to women

A man's body language is the number one attraction generator when it comes to impressing women.

It is also the biggest part of the first impression that you will ever make on a girl. There are three ways to attract girls using body language.

Your first impression that you're going to make has a lot to do with your posture. If you are fidgety and you look around nervously, you will find that the attraction that you generate in the girl will swiftly drop to zero. In order to be attracted to you, she must feel that you're confident, calm and collected. So, relax.

This is probably the number one mistake in the part of most men out there, looking eager. They lean into the girl and look very eager to the girl. The key here is to look that you're only slightly interested, and the girl will need to work for your attention. Try to talk to her standing sideways.

Your 'voice' is also a part of your body language. Stop speaking in a soft, wimpy voice. Adopt a strong, loud tone which conveys confidence.

With all that, you will still need to 'escalate' the attraction to make her fall head over heels for you. This could be done by creating deep bond with her via rapport building techniques found in the tao of badass ebook where you can learn a lot more about body language and attraction.

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