Build Your Confidence

What are the most effective confidence building methods? Read below:

One of the best ways to build self confidence is to learn new skills. Anxiety happens when you find yourself unsure of your ability to do a certain task. This usually happens when you find that lack a certain important skill. Once you manage to learn that skill and master it your self confidence will become higher.

Perception problems are among the top causes for lack of self confidence. A typical perception problem will usually happen when a person sees reality incorrectly. For example a person could believe that others didn't like him because they weren't nice to him even though he had no real clue. In such a case his incorrect perception of reality will lower his self confidence.

People form limiting beliefs during their childhood then live with them for the rest of their lives unless something forces them to change them. Limiting beliefs such as "I am no good", "I can't succeed" or "I am a total failure," ruin the person's self confidence and prevent him from reaching his true potential. One of the most effective self confidence building methods is getting rid of false beliefs.

Let's suppose that a person dislikes the fact that he is lazy. In such a case even if that person did all the self confidence building methods he found he will still feel that something is wrong with him and here comes the magical self confidence building tip: doing real life changes! Some people mistake that confidence building is all about mental changes while in fact some real life changes in the external world can result in dramatic changes in self confidence. If that person managed to break his bad laziness habit then certainly he will become more confident.

When you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses it becomes harder for people to fool you or let you believe that you are less worthy than you truly are. Its easier to fool a man who don't know himself than to fool a man who knows himself very well. Document your strengths and weaknesses honestly then work on improving your strengths and reducing the number of weaknesses you have.


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